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As men, most of us have a 2,487 things going on at the same time.  Unfortunately, so many of them scream for our attention that the most important parts get ignored.

theHinge believes men are smart, resourceful, and capable of amazing things.  Our simple goal is NOT to tell you exactly what you need to do or how to do it – it IS to provide great tools that you can use and some encouragement to use them.


    So, what is theHinge…our angle…our direction..our purpose? And why on God’s green earth would I want to be a part of this?


    Want to hear what other are saying about theHinge, scroll down. If you’re ready to dig in, come on!

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What others say about us

Derek McLean

What can I say, I’m just another guy, too busy (or lazy) to really search the world for tools to make the world around me better. But thanks to theHinge, it’s delivered to my door. Makes life that much easier.

Bond, James Bond

I first heard about theHinge from Q, who stumbled on it when he was making my tie pin web browser. What an amazing place. When I run out of champagne and good ideas I instantly head here. Unless there is a woman undressing in my closet, on the front of my yacht, then I wait.

Bond, James BondWomanizer, Blower-uperjames, the man bond
Scott Willmore

As we talk through Hinge we realized, young or old, black or white, rich or poor we as men all face the same fears and insecurities. Hinge allows us to open up dialogue we would never have otherwise and allows us to think about areas that we knew were stress points but never knew how to say it. Hinge has become the best men’s resource for me and my friends.  TheHinge challenged me to look at areas of my life and dig into places I never thought to dig. It has changed me personally and the way I approach God.

Scott Willmoredude
Bruce Shaw

There’s a lot of websites out there focused on men, but most of them are full of content that triggers sides of me I’d rather not trigger.  It is a nice balance – not as boring as dirt, but still has meaning.  The Hinge is dead on with content, hits a bullseye each time I go there.

Bruce Shawguy with a beard